2018-10 ~ Travel in Spain & Swiss Autumn Delights

Enjoy my new  ♪ Video Ballalads ♪ (Visions of our World)

Travel without moving  ♪ Video Ballalads ♪ (Visions of our World)
& Listen to the Beautiful Music of Aslak Aho

Nuevo : Dive with Rays & Scorpios in Cuba
Fly over Castels of Spain or a River in Switzerland
Walk into the Swiss Woods ~ Dive in Colombia (near Tayrona)
Watch a Full Red Moon Eclipse or Sail along the Swiss Riviera of Geneva LakeThe Video Bal~la~la~ds, are Video Balads, the time of a Musical Ballad. The Ballalads are immersive Videos of Different Places of the World the Time of a beautiful Song.

♫ Enjoy 𝄞 La la la ♪

Thanks to Aslak Aho to give me the rights to use his music for this project.

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